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6 Home Extension Mistakes You Should Avoid


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1- Starting work before you have permission

Obtaining planning permission or the relevant approval from the local authorities is paramount before you attempt to start the building project. You should never start the work before getting the green light or risk having the whole thing demolished. A written confirmation from the local authorities is vital & ensures peace of mind for the remainder of your project.


2- Scrimp On The Design Stage

There is a world of difference between a good design scheme and / or a poor or no design option.this has a cascading effect on a number of important issues
imprudent applications could influence the planning process which could ultimately lead to the refusal of your planning application.
1-  improper design can waste space and fail to realise the full potential and value of your project.
2-  inadequate and incorrectly designed plans can bring about a considerable amount of delay on site and cause additional charges for variations of contract with your builder.
3- unnecessary costs and delays due to either over complication or failure to consider your objectives is yet another important reason to choose wisely.

4- over complicating design can potentially cause delays and unnecessary costs

3- Underestimating The Costs Involved

1- Be realistic with your goals & what you want to achieve.

2- budgeting for an extension is an area where many people tend to overlook and fall down.underestimating the required time and money in order to complete the project is somewhat ubiquitous in the residential is a few more suggestions to help you along.
3- Having a contingency plan is should ensure you have access to around an extra 10% to 15% of emergency funds just in case.hopefully you would not need to use it but unforeseen situations during the construction period without an emergency fund could trigger penalty clauses with contractors and seriously affect the completion time line.

4- set aside some money for the cost of finishing and decoration afterwards and remember to include any additional furniture you may need.


4- Altering Plans After The Work Has Started

changing plans after the project has started is to be avoided.this can seriously be risky and set you back financially as well.any structural alteration would need to be approved by the planning authorities & is time consuming.spend some time going over your completed plans and make sure everyone is happy before the work starts.

5- Forgetting  Your Neighbours

Planning decisions are based on set policies but local & regional politics can have a large impact as well. neighbours and other residents of your area can raise objections to your proposed plans and prevent the project from getting started.
it is important to liaise with your neighbours and other locals who may be affected by your building project and discuss the proposed plans with them. keeping the locals informed prevents any unexpected protests during the planning approval period.

Informing your neighbours in advance about the starting date of the building process and the timeline for the completion also helps towards a smooth run for the entire project.

6- Picking The Wrong Builders

getting quotes from builders can be a surreal experience.prices vary enormously depending on the type of builders you have short listed.avoid the tempting to select the cheapest quotation.
do some preliminary research and create your own list of the various stages of the project and make sure that everything is covered.ask for itemised quotes that provide a written detailed pricing and avoid the cheap could cost you a lot more in the long run.

We offer a concept to completion scheme that can help you select the most suitable tradesmen for your project.

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“Mark helped us on a garage conversion and loft conversion project. He is very professional and efficient, offered us great help and guidance in the project. All the communication throughout the project was timely and clear. Highly recommended and we will for sure get Mark involved in more jobs forthcoming.” Thanks very much. Mark!

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” We invited 4 companies to quote for our project.Mark offered extremely valuable suggestions from his first visit and the price that followed was one of the better prices we received.

The builders were also very impressed with all the drawings and were pleasantly surprised by Mark`s rapid response.

We have already recommended Floor Plans Express to a few of our friends and family members”

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